ZUSI AG was founded in 2017 by Claudius Thöne.


Born in 1990, Claudius Thöne grew up in a family of musicians. His mother is a music therapist, his father violist, publisher and violin dealer/expert. 


His passion for business was already apparent at a young age, so he studied a B.A. Law & Economics. Already knowing he wants to open his own business, he decided to live 2 years in Sweden to deepen his knowledge. Short time before finishing his M.A. in Entrepreneurship & Int. Marketing in Sweden, he settled up his business in Switzerland, where he moved to in 2018.


His passion for traveling offered him the possibility to meet people and build a network all over the world. 


Being able to connect with important players in different industries gave him the opportunity to participate in important projects already in his first years in business. Today, he likes to be involved in different projects at the same time, to meet people, connect business with his passion for traveling and to create win-win situations.





M.Sc. in Business and Economics , Strategic Entrepreneurship for international Growth from the University of Halmstad, Sweden. 


B.A. in Law-Economics-HR of the University of Greifswald, Germany. Thesis in „Stringed instruments as an asset class“.


Furthermore studied at the SISU - Shanghai International Studies University for Luxury Brand Management.



Already during his studies, Claudius Thöne gained first experiences in different publishing houses as well as in a violin investment company. As the CEO and Founder of the ZUSI AG, Claudius is working since 2017 with  international institutions, investors, experts and shareholders from different industries. 


Besides being involved in the production of several publications on Stradivari, which are now state of the art in this industry, he advised in numerous acquisitions & sales of important instruments such as Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù and G.B. Guadagnini. 


With his open minded character and connected, creative way of thinking, he is a highly appreciated advisor. Creating ideas for new business opportunities is his passion. With great interest he builds networks, brings people together and encourages cross-industry thinking.


Personal interests include Business, Sports, Travel, Real Estate & Classic Cars.